Published: Feb. 23, 2023
Person doing video interview

Boomerang hiring is when an employer hires back a previous employee. These individuals initially left the organization seeking career growth, career exploration, differing work modalities, better compensation packages, or for a variety of other circumstances. Many people left their job during the great resignation, and some took time away from the workforce entirely. However, as people reflect on their careers, an increasing number are realizing a previous employer best matches what they are looking for in their next career move.

In an ever-changing job market, employers are increasingly open to welcoming back former employees. This arrangement has a myriad of benefits for both employee and employer, including a quicker hiring and training period, direct knowledge of prior work performance, and confidence that the employee and employer are aligned. In addition, a rehire brings a blend of new skills learned while away with existing knowledge of the organization, leading to creative and innovative thinking. Welcoming back a former employee can also improve morale as colleagues and friends are reunited.

If you are considering returning to a former employer, there are some aspects to evaluate to determine if the move is right. First, has the employer experienced significant change since you left, and if so, are the current circumstances still aligned with your interests? Second, examine why you left the employer initially, consider whether those conditions still exist and if they do, whether they are as important to you as they were when you initially left. Third, what did you like about the employer, and are those conditions still in place? You likely have more data to evaluate an offer from a former employer than an employer you have never worked with, but you should still assess the information thoughtfully to ensure it aligns with your goals and career aspirations.

If you are thinking of leaving your current employer either to return to a prior employer or for a new opportunity entirely, it is in everyone’s best interest to be aware of boomerang hiring and how to leave on good terms. When an employee voluntarily leaves an organization, it’s important for the employee and the employer to navigate the situation in a way that leaves the door open for the future.

-Author: Andrew Horovitz