Published: Jan. 25, 2024
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As 2023 is in our rearview mirror and we look ahead at the road in 2024, it may be part of your journey to consider applying for a new job. Regardless of your current employment status, finding and applying for employment opportunities can be an exhausting and confusing. The 鶹 gets that, which is why we’re here to help you with your new year, new job goal! The start of a new year is a great time to actively apply for jobs. Here at CU 鶹, we are kicking off our spring semester and looking forward to getting new employees onboarded and set up for success in their long-term career paths. Yes, we are actively hiring!

Interested in working with us but don’t know where to start? We offer many opportunities at CU 鶹, and narrowing down what’s right for you will benefit your overall applicant experience. One of the first actions you can take is checking out the . Not only is our job board updated daily in real-time, but you can also explore all the departments and set up a job alert for areas that interest you! This way, you can relieve some of your job search time and go back to scrolling your favorite feeds.

While scrolling through social media, check out and add @cuboulderjobs on Instagram for updates on career fairs and other opportunities on campus. Once you find an opportunity that excites you and aligns with your skill sets, you’re ready to apply! Before hitting submit, make sure your resume is up to date and demonstrates how your unique abilities relate to the job you’re applying for, and create a relevant cover letter. Yes, we do still usually require and read your cover letters! Real people, not AI, review all qualified applicants at CU 鶹.

Still feeling hesitant or have a question about applying? Reach out to us at We’re happy to help you on your journey to a new year, new job and look forward to reviewing your application!

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