Published: Feb. 27, 2024
Three different images of people using HireVue video platform during a job interview.

If you’ve moved forward into an interview process with CU 鶹, you’ve more likely than not been invited to complete a HireVue assessment. But what is HireVue, and why does CU 鶹 use it? HireVue is a tool that hiring teams at CU 鶹 implement at the start of the search process to create a highly equitable hiring process. We think of HireVue as an assessment that allows our candidates to give more depth to the experiences and skills listed on their resumes. Using this tool also allows our hiring teams to learn information from a greater number of candidates than they typically would when using other traditional interview formats.

Although one-way assessments are becoming more common across the board, we realize your experience with us may be your first experience participating in this type of assessment. To help you feel confident in completing your HireVue, we‘d like to share a few pieces of helpful information about the process and how we evaluate the assessments.

  • Our hiring teams are listening for what you say, not your appearance or the background on your screen (though we would encourage appropriate attire and a quiet, well-lit setting). Our goal is to gain greater insights into your job-related experience and skills.

  • You will have time to get familiar with the system by completing practice questions. Practice questions are available to you when you begin the HireVue and are a great way to preview the experience before starting the actual assessment.

  • Questions will be written and visible to you on screen as you provide your answer, so you can reference the question as you are answering. On occasion, one of our recruiters or someone from the hiring team may also read the question aloud to you in addition to providing the question in written form.

  • You will typically have one minute of preparation time before being prompted to record each answer. You can use this time to take notes or jot down thoughts that will frame your responses. You are not required to use the entire amount of time provided to you when answering, so please do not feel pressured to fill the timeframe provided.

  • Members of the hiring team review all of the HireVue assessments; we do not use AI or other automated systems to evaluate the assessments.

  • If you are invited to complete a HireVue assessment, detailed instructions with much of this same information will be sent to you in your invitation.

HireVue is a great opportunity for us to get to know more about your skills and experience before being invited to a live interview. HireVue is often the first step in our search process and is primarily used for staff positions. Additional steps will typically include at least one round of live interviews where two-way conversations are possible and you will have the opportunity to meet with members of the hiring team.

So now that you know what HireVue is and how to put your best foot forward, take a deep breath, grab some water, put on what makes you feel confident, and complete that HireVue assessment! We can’t wait to see how your HireVue helped us hire you at CU 鶹!

By Allie Lehman